The Brewery Project presents "W.O.P." a group show of works on/of paper by Italian and Los Angeles based artists, organized by Samantha Fields, Joan Kahn John O'Brien and Christina Valentine.

Samantha Fields | Zero Degrees Art (Leonardo Bravo, Annie Buckley, Jamison Carter, Cole Case, Trygve Faste, Alison Foshee, Margaret Griffith, Keith Lord, Brian Mallman, Mary Mallman, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Christina Muraczewski, Darren McManus, Tom Muller, Matthew Penkala, Bill Radewec, Kyungmi Shin, Noah Simblist, Jessica Swanson, Sylvia Tidwell, Andre Yi), Joan Kahn (Wendy Adest, Angie Bray, Barbara Berk, Jacqueline Dreager, Virginia Katz, Robin Mitchell, Carolie Parker Lopez), John O'Brien (Caridad I. Barrag‡n, Elisabetta Diamanti, Roberto Mannino, Gian Luca Murasecchi, Guilia Napoleone, Cielo Pessione, Lydia Predominato, Daniela Quadraccia, Guido Strazza, Piero Varroni, Carlo Vincenti) + (Sam Erenberg, Jacqueline Freedman, Erika LizËe, Cynthia Minet, Echiko Ohira, Minoru Ohira, Charlene Roth, Sharon Suhovy, Penny Young), Christina Valentine (Lynn Aldrich, Kathryn Andrews, Matty Byloos, Dan Callis, Stephen Childs, Matt Furmanski, Monica Furmanski, In Young Kim, Jason Mahanes, Jonathan Puls, Kim Schoenstadt)

Solo Show at Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles

God to Gold card

In his third solo show with the gallery, Andre Yi explores American mining towns of the late-nineteenth century west. As in his previous work, Yi illustrates his interest in landscape and architecture and the relationship between them. Defined by expanses of color on the canvas, the landscape is minimal, only offering such elements as spruce and pine tree lines that play on the surface of the canvas. The architecture of mining towns is stripped of the aesthetic forms and considerations that make up modern architecture. These mines and buildings were created for the sole purpose of extracting a finite quantity of ore, and when these resources are gone, so goes the town. The beauty of these mines and buildings are captured in Yi’s paintings, but as in nature, these structures become reabsorbed by its environment.

Fair Exchange - Millard Sheets Gallery

The exhibition will feature examples of the newest and most innovative artworks by artists who live and work in the Los Angeles area, who also happen to produce artwork that in some way relates to the activities for which fairs are known. Many contemporary artists are bringing contemporary aesthetics and practices to traditional craft, design, the home arts, and even agriculture—all subjects celebrated at the L.A. County Fair. This cultural exchange provides an exciting opportunity for these artists to work in tandem with some of the Fair’s other more traditional exhibitors in locations throughout the Fair. This exhibit also has the potential to demystify the world of contemporary art, and to help make this art meaningful and relevant to the Fair’s 1.3 million annual visitors.

Lisa Anne Auerbach, Enid Baxter Blader, Nao Bustamante, Jeff Cain and Shed Research Institute, Gary Cannone for Outpost for Contemporary Art, Civic Matters, Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn, Karl Erickson, Fallen Fruit / David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young, Robert Fontenot, Fritz Haeg and Gardenlab, Institute For Figuring , Adrià Julià, Martin Kersels, Karen Kimmel, D’nell Larson, Los Angeles Urban Rangers, Daniel Marlos, Jamie McMurry, New Chinatown Barbershop, Julie Orser, Jessica Rath, George Stoll, Mercedes Teixido, Melissa Thorne, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Elizabeth Tremonte, Andre Yi

Establishing and Refining an Artist's Web Presence

Form vs. Function — which is more important when creating a user friendly site, or can they both be applied effectively?
Common misconceptions that artists make when creating their web site
The most suitable site architecture for displaying artwork online
Issues artists run into when preparing images
Strategies on how to utilize websites and online communities to promote your work
Organizing a website to present/communicate your work most effectively

Showing at Palm Springs Art Museum of L.J. Cella Collection

Today most architects rely on the computer for their drawings, but many still enjoy sketching freehand to express their ideas. The hand of the architect, like the hand of an artist, reveals the thought process–the development of initial concepts that will be fully conceived later in architectural renderings. This exhibition contains drawings by Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind and Richard Neutra as well as site specific drawings by Robert Irwin, Chris Burden and Lawrence Halprin.

LA WEEKLY Review of Plainer Show

Given its fabulous and multifarious terrains and climates, California has inspired more than its share of landscape-oriented art. Back a century, British-born William Lees Judson cranked out a virtual pictorial record of our meadows, mountains and deserts in a sensitive, agreeable quasi-impressionist manner. Not especially flashy or virtuosic, Judson, founder of USC’s School of Fine Arts, had a knack for letting space and nature speak for themselves through his brush. His landscapes, on view at the Torrance Art Museum, are not simply seen, but sensed...

Group Show at Torrance Art Museum

Plainer a contemporary take on landscape

January 13 - March 11, 2006
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 14
curated by Kristina Newhouse

Kaucyila Brooke, Karen Carson, Portia Hein, Wendy Heldmann, Cynthia Hooper, Susan Logoreci, Constance Mallinson, Justin Moore, Jared Pankin, Terri Phillips, Pam Posey, George Raggett, Lucas Reiner, Kyle Riedel, Andre Yi

Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance CA 90503

Berlin Show Review in Die Welt

Die Welt

André Yi – Zwei Wochen malt AndréYi an kleineren Bildern, bis zueinem Monat an größeren. Entsprechendakkurat wirken die Gemälde,bis ins winzigste Detail.Meditative Ansichten, die Ruheausstrahlen und die Gedanken desBetrachters nicht zuschütten mitFarbe, Form und Inhalt, erwartenden Besucher.


New American Paintings

New American Paintings was founded in 1993 as an experiment in art publishing. With more than five thousand artist reviewed annually, it has become America's largest and most important series of artist competitions.

Check out New American Paintings no. 61 at Barnes and Noble or Borders. Currently one of several featured artists in this bi-monthly edition of Pacific Coast Artists.


Solo Show at Galerie Schuster and Scheurman, Berlin

Train Station 2005

This body of work depicts the architecture and natural wonders in and around Death Valley, Panamint Valley and Amargosa Valley, California. At once beautiful and foreboding, the desolate and mysterious landscape, dotted by mining structures and architectural ruins, suggest a beauty whose extreme nature has pushed humanity back beyond its borders. The desert that once supported towns filled with miners in search of borax, salt and gold, is left only with visitors exploring and re-exploring this vast landscape.

Group Show at the Korean American Museum

April 21st - August 18th, 2005
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 21st, 6 - 9pm

featured artists
Young Chung
Carole Kim
Soo Kim
Won Ju Lim
Yun Hee Min
Koh Byoung Ok
Kyungmi Shin
Andre Yi

3727 W. 6th Street, Ste. 400. Los Angeles, CA 90020
Gallery Hours: Wed - Fri 11 am - 6 pm / Sat 11 am - 3 pm
213-388-4229 www.Kamuseum.org

The Randstad - Solo Show at Carl Berg Gallery

The current work consists of architecture in and around the Randstad. The Ranstad refers to a ring of the four biggest cities in the Netherlands; Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. The architectural landscape of Rotterdam is reminiscent of the Southern California landscape that has been the subject of my earlier paintings.


December 2 - 5, 2004

Featured Artist for Carl Berg Gallery at Scope Miami

With over 45 art fairs spanning more than a decade, SCOPE has solidified its position as the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. SCOPE’s extensive reach enables an unrivaled opportunity for networking with art patrons, creative professionals and a culturally relevant public audience. Renowned for presenting the most innovative galleries, artists and curators, SCOPE Art Shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales of over $200 million and attendance of over 425,000 visitors.


ARTITECTURE at Rena Bransten Gallery

Group exhibition including:
Oliver Boberg, Carlos Garacoia, Ewan Gibbs,
Doug Hall, Matthias Hoch, Candida H?fer,
Damien Smith, Jessica Snow, Andre Yi

July 22 - August 21, 2004

77 Geary Street (between Kearny and Grant Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94108

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Friday: 10:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Observations at Carl Berg Gallery

Jason Adkins, Heather Brown, Timothy Ernst, Margaret Griffith, Dion Johnson, Keith Lord,
Donnie Molls, Stas Orlovski, Paul Paiement, Pam Posey, Lucas Reiner, Greg Rose, Jessica Snow, Marion Wesson, Andre Yi

6018 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

July 10 - July 31, 2004
Reception: Saturday, July 10, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Kaus Australis

Kaus Australis, a residency in Rotterdam, Holland.

Samantha and I are soon to take up an artist residency in Kaus Australis, doing research for future art projects. In particular, I will be focusing on the way Rotterdam was constructed after the second World War, and its relationship to Los Angeles.

LA Confidential by Alex Worman

Andre Yi and Carl Berg

Down the block at the new Carl Berg Gallery (6018 Wilshire Blvd.), Berg is showing work from Los Angeles artist Andre Yi, an MFA graduate from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. The exhibition, entitled "Floating City," features eight works, all acrylic, ink and colored pencil on paper, depicting the sort of lower middle-class homes and food stands found in the diverse melting pot neighborhoods located between Beverly Hills and Downtown L.A.

Floating City at Carl Berg Gallery

West Adams 2003

In his first solo show Andre Yi focuses his attention on a Los Angeles that is well known to it’s residents, but features none of the iconic images that have become the myth of the Hollywood dream. The Los Angeles that Yi sees shows its charms through the small gesture of a vintage pastrami stand or the architecture of a middle class home in one of LA’s culturally and geographically diverse neighborhoods.

Midway Contemporary Art Press Release

Drawn from LA (home is where the heart is), looks at how artists develop personal relationships to Los Angeles within the social context of home, and seeks to explore the attributes and characteristics of Los Angeles that help counteract the more isolating features of the city. This exhibition tours aspects of life in Los Angeles from the perspectives of nine LA-based artists, Mari Eastman, Heidi Kidon, Alice K–nitz, David Korty, Dave Muller, Steven Shackelford, Mungo Thomson, Kerry Tribe, and Andre Yi, who are represented by a broad range of works on paper and/or sculpture.