ARTITECTURE at Rena Bransten Gallery

Group exhibition including:
Oliver Boberg, Carlos Garacoia, Ewan Gibbs,
Doug Hall, Matthias Hoch, Candida H?fer,
Damien Smith, Jessica Snow, Andre Yi

July 22 - August 21, 2004

77 Geary Street (between Kearny and Grant Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94108

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Friday: 10:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Observations at Carl Berg Gallery

Jason Adkins, Heather Brown, Timothy Ernst, Margaret Griffith, Dion Johnson, Keith Lord,
Donnie Molls, Stas Orlovski, Paul Paiement, Pam Posey, Lucas Reiner, Greg Rose, Jessica Snow, Marion Wesson, Andre Yi

6018 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

July 10 - July 31, 2004
Reception: Saturday, July 10, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Kaus Australis

Kaus Australis, a residency in Rotterdam, Holland.

Samantha and I are soon to take up an artist residency in Kaus Australis, doing research for future art projects. In particular, I will be focusing on the way Rotterdam was constructed after the second World War, and its relationship to Los Angeles.

LA Confidential by Alex Worman

Andre Yi and Carl Berg

Down the block at the new Carl Berg Gallery (6018 Wilshire Blvd.), Berg is showing work from Los Angeles artist Andre Yi, an MFA graduate from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. The exhibition, entitled "Floating City," features eight works, all acrylic, ink and colored pencil on paper, depicting the sort of lower middle-class homes and food stands found in the diverse melting pot neighborhoods located between Beverly Hills and Downtown L.A.

Floating City at Carl Berg Gallery

West Adams 2003

In his first solo show Andre Yi focuses his attention on a Los Angeles that is well known to it’s residents, but features none of the iconic images that have become the myth of the Hollywood dream. The Los Angeles that Yi sees shows its charms through the small gesture of a vintage pastrami stand or the architecture of a middle class home in one of LA’s culturally and geographically diverse neighborhoods.

Midway Contemporary Art Press Release

Drawn from LA (home is where the heart is), looks at how artists develop personal relationships to Los Angeles within the social context of home, and seeks to explore the attributes and characteristics of Los Angeles that help counteract the more isolating features of the city. This exhibition tours aspects of life in Los Angeles from the perspectives of nine LA-based artists, Mari Eastman, Heidi Kidon, Alice K–nitz, David Korty, Dave Muller, Steven Shackelford, Mungo Thomson, Kerry Tribe, and Andre Yi, who are represented by a broad range of works on paper and/or sculpture.

KCC Review of Fractals, Curated by Carl Berg

The Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles is pleased to host Fractals , an exhibition of 11 artists working in a variety of media. The show? will investigate the range of approaches to the concept of fractals.

Ewerdt Hilgemann, Kristi Kent, Jeremy Kidd, Matthew May, Erik Odijk, Paul Paiement, Yong Sin, Keith Sklar, Tam Van Tran, Andre Yi, Connie Zehr