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Mr. & Mrs. Exquisite Corpse

Mr. & Mrs. Exquisite Corpse

Samantha Fields & Andre Yi
January 1 - February 28, 2017

"Mr. & Mrs. Exquisite Corpse", the current two-person exhibition at Another Year in LA online gallery features Los Angeles based artists, Samantha Fields and Andre Yi is a current day twist on the classic Surrealist parlor game, Exquisite Corpse. For the purposes of this exhibition, these artists (who are also married) were invited to employ some chance method to determine the first person to start and begin making a work.

Whereas the Surrealists process would involve an artist drawing on a portion of a sheet of paper before folding it over to hand to the next artist who would make their contribution prior to folding it again for the next artist to finish the work that would become a mysterious or comical mélange of incongruous images, Samantha & Andre allowed their works to be two or even three dimensional and shift based on visual interpretation while not be confined to "folded incomprehension".

After observing what each had done, the only rule that they imposed on the continuing process (besides not ever discussing anything that they were thinking or doing) was that the other artist had to make their new work within one week. Those new works will be continuing to be posted here as they unfold each week.