[Meta] Mentors: Artists and Industry

Friday, February 24, 12:30 PM–2:00 PM

West Hall Meeting Room 515A, Level 2, Los Angeles Convention Center

Chairs: Reni Gower, Virginia Commonwealth University; Vesna Pavlovic, Vanderbilt University

Sculptural Effects and Fabrication for the Motion Picture Industry
Kirk Starbird, independent artist

John Michael Kohler Art Center: Arts/Industry Residency
Sue Johnson, St. Mary's College of Maryland

MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House Residence Program
Kimberli Meyer, MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House

Interactive Web for Digital Agencies
Andre Yi, independent artist

Documentary Photography/Online Book Production
Dan Milnor, independent artist

Discussion Group to focus on Art in the age of the Internet

Virginia Katz and RAID Projects will be hosting another informal art discussion group on April 13th, with special guest Andre Yi. Please join us in the conversation.

Andre Yi will focus on Art in the Age of the Internet and Its Impact on the Arts Culture. Does viewing art on the internet do a service or disservice to the work? Does the cost of losing the first-hand experience in viewing a painting or sculpture outweigh the benefit of its potential availability and ease with which to expose it? Does it interfere with visitors to galleries or does it provide a valuable venue to see work that might not otherwise be shown? These and other questions will be addressed.

Establishing and Refining an Artist's Web Presence

Form vs. Function — which is more important when creating a user friendly site, or can they both be applied effectively?
Common misconceptions that artists make when creating their web site
The most suitable site architecture for displaying artwork online
Issues artists run into when preparing images
Strategies on how to utilize websites and online communities to promote your work
Organizing a website to present/communicate your work most effectively