Midway Contemporary Art Press Release

Drawn from LA (home is where the heart is), looks at how artists develop personal relationships to Los Angeles within the social context of home, and seeks to explore the attributes and characteristics of Los Angeles that help counteract the more isolating features of the city. This exhibition tours aspects of life in Los Angeles from the perspectives of nine LA-based artists, Mari Eastman, Heidi Kidon, Alice K–nitz, David Korty, Dave Muller, Steven Shackelford, Mungo Thomson, Kerry Tribe, and Andre Yi, who are represented by a broad range of works on paper and/or sculpture.

Feeling at home in LA means striking a balance with the many contradictions the city is known for. This exhibition offers a short look at how artists reconcile the vastness of LA, find connections between their public and private lives, enjoy the generous lack of distinction between reality and fantasy that Hollywood endorses, and, in general, find inspiration in their surroundings. Home is really anywhere that enables that all-important sense of belonging through the shared experience of living in a particular place at a particular time.

Connell Ray Little and Julie Deamer, Los Angeles, 2001