Showing at Palm Springs Art Museum of L.J. Cella Collection

A Point of Convergence: Architectural Drawings and Photographs from the L.J. Cella Collection

June 3, 2006 through January 21, 2007
Faudé Gallery (McCallum Wing)

Today most architects rely on the computer for their drawings, but many still enjoy sketching freehand to express their ideas. The hand of the architect, like the hand of an artist, reveals the thought process–the development of initial concepts that will be fully conceived later in architectural renderings. This exhibition contains drawings by Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind and Richard Neutra as well as site specific drawings by Robert Irwin, Chris Burden and Lawrence Halprin.

San Francisco collector L.J. Cella has amassed a fine collection of architects’ and artists’ drawings and photographs which continues to grow. By keeping a tight focus on his collecting interests, Cella assembles two-dimensional images of built form as a way of providing us a point of convergence in understanding form and architecture