Dispersed Transmission at Another Year in LA (Online)

I was dreaming that

July 1 - August 31, 2018

Dispersed Transmissions is a new project which continues Robin Hill's investigation of materials and situations that resonate as self-made art works. She has extracted 425 phrases from the New York Times over the course of the past 3 years (some of which first appeared in her piece Weighing Papers, from Hill's solo exhibition There Was, at Lennon-Weinberg in 2017 in New York).

Upon being invited to have her 5th exhibition at Another Year in LA and now an online space, she said, "I decided to translate the phrases into stickers, and place them throughout the landscape of LA. In Dispersed Transmissions, I am interested in subverting the online exhibition into an archive of an action."

To accomplish this distribution process, Hill has invited a handful of LA-based artists, curators and art writers as "co-curators"* - who are documenting the stickers they placed in situ throughout Los Angeles. These photos will be posted on the Dispersed Transmissions exhibition page as they shared by the co-curators continually throughout the two month exhibition.